Iranian cuisine


Iranian cuisine, less well known in the west than its Turkish or Arabic counterparts, has been surprising and delighting travellers for centuries. Though superficially similar to much other Middle Eastern cooking, incorporating kebab, rice and cold dishes such as hummus and yoghurt, it has its own character and a number…

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Iranian Food


Iranian Culture – Iranian Food Olivia He introduces Persian cuisine Caviar may be one of Iran’s major exports, but most Iranians tend to stick to more typical Middle Eastern cuisine. The staples in Iranian cuisine are wheat bread and long-grain white rice with lashings of yogurt, lamb and eggplant. Flavors are…

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Persian Traditional Music History


Persian Traditional Music Introduction to Persian Music The traditional music of Iran is a message, a call from the artist’s innermost consciousness. Deeply intertwined with Iran’s age-old history and culture, it is an expression of the joys, loves, sorrows, efforts and struggles, all the many victories and defeats that the peoples of Western Asia…

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Skiing in Iran


Skiing in Iran History of Skiing in Iran In regions of the world with regular, annual snowfall and before the existence of plows and streets, people had to come up with a method to easily walk and get around on the snow. Modern skiing, or skiing as we currently know it, came…

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