Exhibition in Iran


Fair Organisation in Iran Iran market has many opportunities for new investment . Because the Goverment wants to integrate their economy with world economy.  You will see “the bulletin of trade ministry” about introduction of opportunities at below.  done many fair organisation in iran. if you want to create a…

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Retail in Iran


Retail in Iran A retail revolution is sweeping through Iran. The sector witnessed significant transformation in the past-from small-unorganized families owned retail format to organized retailing. Over the last few years, retail has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the Iranian economy. There is chaotic activity in the…

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Statistics for Iran


Statistics for Iran Find facts and figures on Iran’s population, economy and ethnic and religious make up. Adulthood: 15 Annual per capita income: US$ 7,000 (2003 estimate); US$ 10,600 (2010 estimate) Area: 1,648,000,000 km2 Biggest City: Tehran (Teheran) Capital: Tehran Cars: 5.4 million; 2.73 million in Tehran (2004 estimate) Currency: Iranian Rial (IRR); the “Toman” (10 rials) is…

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