Exhibition in Iran


Fair Organisation in Iran

Iran market has many opportunities for new investment . Because the Goverment wants to integrate their economy with world economy.  You will see “the bulletin of trade ministry” about introduction of opportunities at below.  done many fair organisation in iran. if you want to create a new opportunities for your bussines in iran, you may join in those fairs.

“Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of Iran”s Trade strategies

Goals & Objectives

1- Increasing the country’s stake in the International Trade
2- Proactive Interaction with the Global Economy
3- Competition & Anti-trust Policies
4- Renovation of National Commercial Systems

1. Trade Facilitation

Rationalizing Tariff System & Anti-Dumping Measures
Non-Official Trade Reduction
Implementing Preferential Tariff Agreements
Trade Balance Improvement
Developing Trade & Economic Cooperation

2. Development of Foreign Trade Non-Oil Export Promotion

Sectoral Export Strategy Formulation
Promoting Export of Goods & Services
Expansion & Diversification of Export Markets
Infrastructure Development & Upgrading Service Delivery

3. Active Participation in Regional Blocks

Managing Iran Accession to WTO & Minimizing it’s probable adverse effects
Preparation of Economic Social & Cultural Sectors of Iran for Accession to WTO
Iran Active Participation International & Regional Blocks and Organizations

4. Distribution Channels Productivity Up-grading

Strategic Goods Subsidy System Improvement
Monitoring Strategic Goods Distribution

5. Local Market Regulating

Strategic Goods Local Market Regulating
Consumer Rights Protection & Market Surveillance

6. E-Commerce Development

Establishing Required Infrastructure for E-Commerce Promotion
Development of New Technologies in Trade Sector
Designing and Integrating Trade Information Systems

7. Restructuring & Improving Human Resources

Management Development
Re-Structuring & Re-Engineering in Trade Sector
Promotion of establishing NGO’s for down-sizing of Government
Process Improvement, Procedures and Technology Development
Customer Orientation

The Topics in the Trade Sector Emphasize

Interact fully with the world economy and develop the trade sector in line with the requirements for economic growth.
Introduce suitable grounds needed to propel Competitiveness.
Promote the application of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in all spheres of economic and trade activities.

Proactive Interaction with the World Economy

Revamp and smooth the flow of trade, raise the country’s share in international trade, promote the export of non-oil goods and services, bolster the competitive quality of the domestic products in international markets, and also apply modern Information Communication Technology (ICT) in economic, business and trade activities.

Facilitate trade & transportation means, establish maritime industries, promote tourism, introduce methods for sustained exploitation of the fisheries resources and optimum use of the related regions for better production activities and maritime services under guidance, planning and supervision. Follow a unified management policy and a proper economic growth plan in the Free Trade zones.