About us

We are ALPASİS A.Ş., an İstanbul and Tahran based investment agency with several years on the Turkey and  Iran markets . We specialize in helping firms solve their strategic and operative problems. We guide foreign companies through every step in the opening of their Turkey and Iran counterparts, starting from company registration and all the way through business analysis, planning, recruitment and accounting. We have a profound knowledge of the local market and have been successfully helping companies achieve their short and long-term goals while significantly reducing their costs in the process.

We strictly follow the best industry established (especially retail markets) practices and quality standards. We have cherry-picked our team of consultants to ensure a top of the line result-driven professionalism in all our services.
Always deliver the best service, with total objectivity and a direct hands-on approach to our clients’ problems

We implement what we recommend

Our operative structure is simple and highly flexible. Our small overhead allows us to render high-quality consulting services for moderate fees. We train our staff during several years of association, always pursuing the personal and professional excellence of our employees.

We speak retail language.